Dear Captain, I’ve looked in the archives for something like this, but I couldn’t find anything. What do you do when you apologize and it seems to upset someone even more? Dear Captain, I looked through the archives and I couldn’t see anything on this particular topic, but apologies if I missed something. It does seem connected to the Geek Social Fallacies though. My question is about how to deal with awkwardness and anxieties over the dreaded Group Chat. His preferred mode of communication is texting and he frequently tries to have long, involved text conversations with me. People are always full of advice for what a woman should do about a man’s rude behavior like patronizing comments or unfunny mean jokes at her expense that don’t land right and it’s almost never saying “Bro? No, Bro” and expecting him to change his behavior.

Avengers Endgame Time Travel Rules and Logic Explained

In this article we are taking the perspective of an institutional investor who wants to invest in one or several commodity trading advisor funds CTAs. Meetings we have had with investors over the last decade indicate that they do an initial quantitative screening, but then — after having met with the different CTA managers — put a lower weight on the hard facts realised track record and a higher weight on soft factors all other kinds of information when they make their final investment decision.

The Pitch Book Fallacy 2. The Slick Presenter Fallacy 3.

Psychologists and behavioral researchers love to geek out about these different and they all have fancy names like “mere exposure effect” or “narrative fallacy. You walk out wondering how you paid $14 for a burger and if your date will let​.

It must be said, once you undergo some of these Russian dating web sites, the ladies are almost impossibly beautiful. However in the go date now overwhelming majority of cases, the pictures do represent actuality. The very fact is for many future Russian brides or Ukrainian brides, what you appear to be does not matter to them, as much as you might think it does.

They are far more involved within the qualities which I wrote about above. One thing to keep in mind is that dating is at its core a numbers sport. This, sadly, is just part of how dating works; to cite fellow recommendation columnist and NerdLove Superstar Patronus Dan Savage: each relationship fails till one does not. Did you join this dating website whereas sitting at a purple light?

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I tell myself that the fight is over and no one won. I rationalize that only a few people are ruining it for the rest of us and therefore, those few should just be ignored. We do!

Full Date. This article is ten years old and, yet, I’ve only just discovered it. Amazing and hilarious. Do you see anyone you recognize?

Many scientists have said he got the biology wrong. In fact, interpersonal skills like collaboration, communication, empathy and emotional intelligence are essential to the job. The myth that programming is done by loner men who think only rationally and communicate only with their computers harms the tech industry in ways that cut straight to the bottom line. The loner stereotype can deter talented people from the industry — not just women, but anyone who thinks that sounds like an unattractive job description.

It can also result in dysfunctional teams and poorly performing products. Take digital assistants, like Google Home or Amazon Echo. But it requires both, as do most of the jobs that are growing in number and in wages, according to economic research. Jobs that require a combination of math and social skills — like computer science, financial management and nursing — have fared best in the modern economy, found David Deming, a professor at Harvard. But it involves something that can be even harder than technical work: communicating with other people and intuiting what they might need and understand.

Review: Virtually Yours by Sarvenaz Tash

You are not in control of your thoughts. If it piques your interest, you can read the full book for more details. In general, this tendency is helpful, as it allows us to live our lives without having to agonize over every little decision in our day. As logical as you think you are, your brain deals better with intuition than logic, better with generalizations than statistics. Before I get into the specific biases and fallacies, I should explain how Kahneman views human thought.

Your mind prefers to take the path of least resistance, the less deliberate thought the better.

4 – “Love me, love my obsession.

I am a 25 year old homosexual male. My boyfriend and I have been together a little over a year and a half. Herein lies the issue: he is sure. Now for some background. This man has had a VERY turbulent childhood. And that comes in addition to the internal debate that normally comes with wanting to break up with a person. I also thought it might be worth adding that he has told me multiple times that he would never break up with me.

What if I were to royally screw him over in some unforgivable way? Whenever someone mentions Q my girlfriend lights up and says how much she loves the guy, I usually have a brief moment where I think about fighting him. That kind of reaction is not healthy and I should stop, but given the history between Q and I stopping is difficult at times.

NBC’s Law & Order: SVU – Sunk Cost Fallacy Episode

Missing stair is a metaphor for a person within a social group who many people know is untrustworthy or otherwise has to be “managed”, but who they work around by trying to quietly warn others rather than deal with openly. The reference is to a dangerous structural fault such as a missing stair in a home, which residents have become used to and accepting of, and which is not fixed or signposted, but which most newcomers are warned about. People had gotten so used to working around this guy, to accommodating his “special requirements,” that they didn’t feel like there was an urgent problem in their community.

They did eventually expel him, but it was after months of it being widely shared knowledge that he was a rapist. Like something you’re so used to working around, you never stop to ask “what if we actually fixed this?

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We have a completely spoiler free review right here. So if your destiny involves going to see Avengers: Endgame you should walk away right now. Seriously, turn around, you want no part of this. Ad — content continues below. One of the Infinity Stones is a Time Stone for crying out loud. The remaining Avengers were going to go back in time, stop Thanos in the nick of time and the Snapture would never have happened. Because it never happened. Only it did. There are a number of different systems fictional time machines can run on.

That one tends to give you more plot consistency but makes the story as dull as dishwater by stripping any sense of agency for your characters. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Measuring the particle physically changes it.

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Mariam is single and ready to mingle…or so she thinks, because she is still very much in love with her ex, Caleb. In a futile attempt to forget him and move on with her life, she signs up for the virtual reality dating site, HEAVR, where you can make the most of the magic of the Internet and date through avatars on virtually constructed locations.

A rather odd, random personality test later, Mariam is faced with a decision: she has to pick her date from a careful selection of three matches.

NERD MISFIT RESOURCES the Nerds (Carl Sagan); Five Geek Social Fallacies · Intelligence-Related Disorganization Disorder smart=messy? B. Chapman Nerd Resources (via Wayback Machine); Nerd dating forum · Rules of Hipster.

Also the Pagan Hierarchy peer2peer geek personals , also try GeekCulture “It is not so long ago since any man who devoted himself to geometry, or to any science requiring continued application, was looked upon as necessarily a misanthrope, who must have abandoned all human interests, and betaken himself to abstractions so far removed from all the world of life and action that he has become insensible alike to the attractions of pleasure and to the claims of duty. Net legends FAQ grrl.

ORG news for nerds esp. Linux geeks! Michaud Geek Chic Coders vs. Discussion Groups The truely brilliant understand that brilliance means nothing. If they then point out this their affectation, does it then mean they are truely brilliant, or are they simply making an affectation out of having affectations? See the world as an outsider, and you can learn to do the impossible.

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5 logical fallacies that make you more wrong than you think

This is a guest post by Holly Pervocracy. Holly Pervocracy is a kinky, geeky feminist sexblogger. She writes essays on her experiences as a member of the BDSM and polyamory communities, editorials from a sex-positive feminist perspective, advice on sexuality and kink, and humorous critiques of sexism online and in the media. Note from the GF mods : links from this post may lead to sexually explicit writing or images.

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Here are cogent explanations of the straw man fallacy, the slippery slope argument, the ad hominem to YouTube comments — which makes this geek-​chic book a must for anyone in the habit of holding opinions. Pub date: 24 Nov

If you’re in a relationship, are you in love with your partner? Does he or she make you happy? If you answered yes to both questions, you’re fortunate indeed. But if you answered no to either one, there’s growing scientific evidence that staying in the relationship is the wrong decision–for you, for your partner, and even for your children, if any. Both ideas have been disproved by recent research.

One set of studies showed that people who fear being single are likelier to settle for partners who may not make them happy, and also likelier to pursue or accept relationships in the first place where there are clear signs of trouble ahead–for example, with someone who writes in his or her dating profile, “I love what I do, so I need someone who respects that and is willing to take the back seat when necessary.

Five Reasons to Date a Geek

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